Czanterillium is the death scythe and primary weapon of paladin reaper Koyote.


Czanterillum's manifested appearance is a blue chrysanthemum with a flame of blue reiki in it's center. It does not have a human form but is commonly refered to as a female.

In it's weapon form, Czanterillum is a scythe with a curved blade curving downwards and the end of the blade coming out of the other side, curving upwards. The handle has a double diamond shaped extention coming from the top with the other end flat.


Czanterillium is very quiet and a bit of a pushover. It doesn't like to disagree with others but can easily say no to her master, Koyote. It isn't very fond of Koyote due to him not being so ignorant of it and him not being very into his job. It also looks up to Eater's weapon, Shikokkuja like an older-sister figure due to Eater and Koyote being friends.

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